Alice Vaughan

Alice Vaughan

Our company has re-branded to focus more on the customer and collaborate with companies from different industries. We now offer legal and mental wellness services to provide comprehensive support for clients. Our approach emphasizes effective communication, collaboration, and privacy. We prioritize professional standards and mental wellness in our services. Our goal is to expand by offering a wide range of legal and mental health services, promoting collaboration among professionals, and exploring opportunities to include other professions like financial planning and social work. We believe that expanding our network will help us better advocate for our clients’ overall well-being.

Experience: 10 years
Specialization: Corporate Paralegal & Mental Health Advocate 

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    My vision is to expand services to cover a broader range of legal and mental health areas. They also aim to raise awareness and promote collaboration among professionals to overcome barriers and create a supportive environment.



    By adding additional professions such as financial planning, social work, or mediation, we can provide more thorough support to clients. Collaborating with a variety of professionals enhances our ability to advocate for our clients’ overall well-being.

    There is growing recognition of the advantages of combining legal and mental health services. 

    Effective communication and collaboration between legal and mental wellness professionals is crucial for supporting the overall well-being of clients. By establishing strong communication channels and referral systems, we can ensure that clients receive comprehensive support.

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